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A busy Autumn

September and into October was spent travelling around the USA. It has such epic scale scenery. From mountains to beaches to deserts. Just beautiful, and very inspiring. So much so, that it took me quite a few weeks to focus once home and get down to some work.

Finally, to get back into a daily work practice I decided to get back to finishing a few summer projects. An old family photo that I'd found. I especially loved the energy of the composition. And a small beach scene from a summer trip to the south of Italy. I love watching people at the beach. The funny little camps they set up, towels out umbrellas up.

And of course I went back into the forest. My happy place. There are two new 70 x 70 cm oil on linen canvases in the Deep in the Forest Gallery .

I have a couple of slightly smaller 50 x 50 cm canvases underway. Both worked up from charcoal sketches and photographs. They are summery hot subjects which is quite nice to paint in the cold of winter. The quality of the light, the depth of the shadows and the colours are just different from a winter palette.


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