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Time to go on show

I decided after my last solo show to leave at least 18 months until the next one. Just to give me time to try different things and go to different places.

I have been busy though, and productive. I've looked at seascapes, villages, and vineyards. And of course there are plenty of forest pieces in the new collection. Part of last year was taken up with a series of private commissions. Which led me happily into the garden.

There is a lot of work coming to the exhibition this summer. I have tried also to work on a slightly smaller scale. Although my favourite canvas is still an 80 x 80 cm.

It's not a size everyone can or wants to fit into their homes.

I spent a month honing my drawing skills with a 30 day "drawing a day" challenge.

Some of them will make it into the show as small framed pieces.

The exhibition runs from June 24th to July 7th at the Casablu Gallery in Valbonne. All works are for sale or just to come along and have a look.


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