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Over the Winter

Happy to have my painting "Cleared Ground" longlisted for this years Jacksons Painting Prize in the UK.

Otherwise lots of different subjects coming onto my easel. I'm looking more and more towards the sea. I have also been looking at painting more from old photographs. The ladies at the beach in their furs and pearls was a great composition. There will be more of these, it's just a question of coming across some that inspire me.

Over the last month I've been involved in a 30 day challenge. "A drawing a day for 30 days".

The idea for me being reprogramming my brain to be more disciplined about my pre-canvas sketches. Taking a little more time and thought, looking at composition and values and generally being less scribbly. It has already led onto some paintings. Hopefully it will continue as a embedded habit once the 30 days are up.

The drawings are all in pencil and quite small - around 12 x 15 cm.

They've been a lot of fun to do.


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