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A Flashing of Brushes...

After my exhibition in July I decided to treat myself to new brushes.....luckily!

There's been a flashing of brushes and splashing of paint over several canvases during the last few weeks.

These are gorgeous brushes from a UK based company. Rosemary & Co make handmade brushes in abundance, the range is enormous. There's a brush for all events!

I've been working super hard to get things finished and dry ready to hang for my next show.

The exhibition is open from Sept 6th to Oct 3rd. It's in the central foyer of the Mairie de Valbonne. The show is running in conjunction with the communes month long theme based on our local Environment and Nature. So all the work I am showing is from the locality.

From long walks, taking photos, and making sketches to the final canvases, I now have a series of trees, rivers and paths ready to hang.

Sometimes I worry that the reality of the nature around me is simply too beautiful to paint. Who would believe such vibrant greens, such amazing reflections.

But I'm just trying to capture what's there.


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