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From Sketch to Canvas

Lovely to hang up my Forest and River paintings. They will be on show for a month until Oct 3rd in the central hall of the mairie in Valbonne. So plenty of people will get the chance to have a closer look

at how I work.

But even though I thought I'd like to sit back and relax a bit, I couldn't resist the lovely, end of summer sunny days. So off into the hills to look for the next paintings..... just gorgeous!

After a good days hiking, I had lots of sketches and photographs to take back.

Once I'm in the studio I begin processing what I've seen. Working up sketches and deciding what will hopefully make for interesting compositions. From there it's onto canvas with a charcoal sketch, finished with a wash of acrylic.

Those under-painted colours will improve the finished painting, they should peek through here and there to add a bit of grit and excitement.

And now I have three new canvases prepped and ready for oil paint tomorrow. Can't wait!


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