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Into the Vineyards

Autumn in the Vineyards of Provence. I took a road trip west down the coast. Here the land opens up, the hills roll a little more, and vineyards fill in all the spaces between the patches of forest. On a blue sky day the colours really pop, its all brilliant yellows, gritty oranges and acidy greens against a backdrop of deep teal.

I did a lot of sketching and photographing. I thought it might be a good idea to work on some very small canvases (for me). So I'm looking at landscape format rather than square, and 35 x 25cm upwards. Trying to stick to my bigger brushes, and not getting too involved in the minute detail.

It's all still work in progress and early days. But I'm hoping to have a series of paintings from that area that show how beautiful it is out of the main summer season. This is October and November at its best.


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