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Out and About

I had such a great week at the gallery in Valbonne. It wasn't just because I sold a lot of my work, but there were so many nice people who passed by and so many lovely and encouraging things said. I have to admit though it was really good to get back out into the wilds in search of new paintings.

I have decided to add a 4th gallery into my portfolio section. It will be called "Out & About"and hopefully fill up with new work from all over the region.

I'm also hoping to add a 5th gallery towards the end of summer. "Seaside". Time permitting I will head down to the sea and try and capture some of that Azur blue.

It's full summer here in the South of France, so there seems to be extra lumens in the air. Its definitely having an impact on my current paint palette.

I'm busy working on a lovely commission, a view out to the Mediterranean from one of the hill top villages here on the coast.

This is just one of the four paintings currently "on the easel", all in various stages of pausing, thinking and drying.


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