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Water Water everywhere

Early spring took me down to the river in search of water paintings. There were a couple of competitions coming up, one of which was all about the Elements. I just love the way water catches light, reflects its surroundings and creates the most beautiful colours and patterns.

I worked on a series of canvases. Looking at a 400 to 500m stretch of river.

It was really interesting to see in such a short distance how different the water was. It tumbled over rocks, pooled into calm zones and flowed in ribbons. Quite a challenge to capture.

The spring light was perfect, crisp and clean. The trees had just begun to push new growth.

Things were looking super green, the sky vibrantly blue. It created strong contrasts and lively colour combinations. I had started with a 60 x 80cm format. But ended up switching to a 80 x 80. My absolute favourite size of canvas.

In the end I came away with a very satisfying group of paintings. One of which is scheduled for an exhibition in Cannes this summer, and another which is shortlisted for the Holly Bush 2022 competition in the UK. Which is great news

By the end of it though I really wanted to climb out of the river bed and go up into the open hills and wide wide vistas for the next paintings.


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