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What a Week

Such a great week for my exhibition with the typical, gorgeous September weather we get here at the end of the summer.

I met so many interesting people, sold lots of paintings and heard lovely and encouraging things said about my work. It makes such a difference to have people see what you do and find pleasure in looking at it. All very inspiring.

There is so much hard work that goes into a year or so of painting, and the putting together of an exhibition. But its happy work and very satisfying.

I managed to get some time working out in the street, at my easel, chatting to passers by.

I started looking at an old family photograph, a great composition from the early 1930's which has fascinated me for quite some time. It went from a study sketch on paper to a full drawing project on canvas.

I'm still undecided about whether to let it remain as a pencil drawing because in the end it became quite detailed. I think the temptation to get some oil paint onto it will prove too much though. Either way its been fun and maybe a new direction to add to the landscapes.

Here's the pencil study on paper. Watch my Instagram page @helenwilkinsonart to see the next development.


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